Scottish Welfare Fund: statutory guidance February 2018

This guidance on the Scottish Welfare Fund aims to provide a framework for decision-makers to promote consistency in decision making.

10. The Role of the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman (SPSO) – Independent Review and Complaints Handling

Independent Second Tier Review [60]

10.1 An applicant who is dissatisfied by the outcome of a review by a local authority can ask the SPSO to carry out an independent review. The SPSO's service is free, independent and impartial. More information is available on their website ( or by phoning them on 0800 014 7299

SPSO Complaint Handling

10.2 If an applicant has a complaint about the way their application was handled, the SPSO may also be able to consider this (whether as part of a review or otherwise). Although the local authority should generally handle a complaint through the model Complaints Handling Procedure before making a referral to the SPSO, there may be times when SPSO can consider a complaint sooner, for example, the local authority considered the issues complained about during a first tier review. If you have any questions about this you should contact the SPSO directly.



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