Scottish Welfare Fund: statutory guidance February 2018

This guidance on the Scottish Welfare Fund aims to provide a framework for decision-makers to promote consistency in decision making.

Annex D - Template for Recording Justification for Decision

Scottish Welfare Fund

Templates for Recording Decisions

a) Template for Recording an Scottish Welfare Fund Decision


Case Number:

Grant Applied For:

Application Date:

Name of the Officer who made the decision:

Date of decision:

Summary of application

Summary of key facts taken in to account in making the decision

Any information gathered that was actively disregarded

How has applicant been given the opportunity to put their case?

Any other support offered to or received by the applicant as a result of their application.

Any other relevant information

Decision made by the decision maker

Reasons for this decision, how the evidence has been weighed.

Decision makers should clearly document the reasons for their decisions. This includes how they have used or evaluated the evidence to decide on the eligibility and priority of the application. The Scottish Welfare Fund is a discretionary scheme. Decision makers do not have to follow the guidance but should document their reasons as part of their normal recording if they decide to depart from it, in case a review is requested and to satisfy audit requirements.

Decision makers should make sure that they:

  • have considered the Scottish Welfare Fund guidance and any local policies relating to it
  • have followed any local processes relating to the processing of applications, for example in notifying the applicant of the outcome of an application
  • base their decisions on accurate and up to date information
  • have taken all the relevant information in to account and have not taken any irrelevant information in to account
  • seek information to fill any gaps in evidence and record information gathered
  • give the applicant an opportunity to make their case
  • have properly used their discretion to consider the case rather than following guidance or policy in an unquestioning way
  • make a reasonable and fair decision, based on all the facts of the case, in keeping with the laws of natural justice
  • keep an open mind and focus on the need identified by the applicant and the overall objectives of the Scottish Welfare Fund.

It is recognised that for the most part such record of decisions reached will be recorded on supporting IT systems in place.



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