Scottish Victimisation Telephone Survey 2020: main findings

Main findings from the Scottish Victimisation Telephone Survey 2020.

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Annex D: SVTS analysis variables

Characteristic Categories Definition
Gender Men
Age 16 – 24
25 – 44
45 – 59
60 and over
Banded age of respondent in years. Due to the sampling methodology used on the SVTS, just 5 respondents were aged 16 or 17.
Age and gender combined Male / Female 16 – 24
Male / Female 25 – 44
Male / Female 45 – 59
Male / Female 60 and over
Victim status Victim
Whether experienced a crime within: the 12 months prior to interview, Scotland, and the scope of the survey
Perception of safety Safe
Response to variable CVWALKDARK – "How safe do you feel walking alone in your local area after dark?"
Worry about crime Worried
Not worried
Response to variable CVWORR – "How worried are you that you might be a victim of crime?"
Urban Rural classification Urban
2016 Scottish Government two-fold Urban Rural classification
Area deprivation 15% most deprived Rest of Scotland 2020 Scottish Government Index of Multiple Deprivation classification
Tenure Owner occupied Social rented Private rented Response to variable QDTENUR and QDRENT
Disability Yes
A physical or mental health condition or illness lasting or expected to last 12 months or more, which reduces the respondent's ability to carry-out day-to-day activities
Key worker Yes
Response to variable CVKEYWORK. Explained as: "a job defined by the government as critical for the response to the Coronavirus outbreak[30]"



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