Scottish Survey of Farm Structure and Methods, 2016

Scottish statistics from the EU Farm Structure Survey 2016.


1. SLRs represent the notional amount of labour required by the holding to carry out all of its agricultural activity and can also be used as a measure of farm size. SLRs are derived at an aggregate level for each agricultural activity. The total SLR for each farm is calculated by multiplying its crop areas and livestock numbers by the appropriate SLR coefficients and then summing the results for all agricultural activity on that farm. One SLR equates to 1,900 working hours per year.

2. Farm types represent a classification of the main agricultural activity taking place on holdings, based on their Standard Output ( SO). SOs represent the notional farm-gate worth generated by a holding by applying multipliers (in £s) to its crops and livestock. These are applied uniformly across Scotland. More information on how farm types were calculated in 2016 can be found in section 4.13 of the publication 'Results from the June 2016 Scottish Agricultural Census'

3. this question is not comparable with the 2013 data as the scope of land included has changed.



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