The Scottish Strategy for Autism Progress Report - Foundation Stage (2 Years)

This is a report reflecting the progress so far on the Scottish Strategy for Autism.

Key Highlights

Scottish Good Autism Practice Journal and Conference

In line with Recommendation 9 and supported by funding from the Scottish Government, Subgroup 1 collaborated with the British Institute for Learning Disability (BILD) to produce and publish a Scottish edition of BILD's Good Autism Practice (GAP) Journal ('the Journal'); the express aim being to disseminate new and innovative models of good autism practice in Scotland as part of the wider work of the Strategy. The Journal features a wide range of papers from professionals and academics in the field of autism which show case projects and programmes which are ground-breaking and innovative, and which have the potential to enhance the quality of the lives of children, young people and adults on the autism spectrum, as well as those who work with and care for them. Much of the information and many of the ideas contained within the Journal can be used freely now at no extra cost to services - not only in Scotland but elsewhere in the UK and internationally.

The GAP conference in November 2013 saw the launch of the Journal and brought together a mix of local authorities, autism professionals and people on the spectrum. The keynote address was given by Michael Matheson - Minister for Public Health - who was then followed by a number of other high profile speakers. Participants also attended a series of workshops throughout the day which revolved around some of the key papers in the Journal. All speakers and workshops were very well received as indicated in the positive feedback from the event.

This sharing of best practice contributes to goals 2 and 4 of the Foundation Stage in terms of improving understanding of autism and empowering services to improve their support to people with ASD, and by showcasing examples of good post-diagnostic support.

An overview of the conference is attached at Annex 3 and copy of the Journal can be downloaded from the Strategy website or is available hard copy. It has been internationally acclaimed and several hundred copies have been distributed.


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