The Scottish Strategy for Autism Progress Report - Foundation Stage (2 Years)

This is a report reflecting the progress so far on the Scottish Strategy for Autism.

Conclusion and forward look

Much has been achieved in the first two years but there is much still to do. Specific tasks to be carried forward by the groups have been identified as follows:

- Transitions work, including a second event
- NHS Education training framework
- Menu of Interventions event/roadshows and NHS Education training framework
- Second Employment event and Life in Colour Exhibition II
- SIGN guidelines
- Commissioning guidelines

At workshops in May, we worked with key stakeholders to identify priorities for the next phase of delivery of the national autism strategy. A definitive work plan, setting out strategic and achievable goals, is currently being developed and will be shared in due course. We also discussed new structures for the oversight of this work to allow a more focused and streamlined approach to delivering the Strategy's recommendations going forward and we are testing these ideas with stakeholders.

We will also aim to report on progress against the Strategy annually going forward.


Email: Ali Taylor

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