The Scottish Strategy for Autism Progress Report - Foundation Stage (2 Years)

This is a report reflecting the progress so far on the Scottish Strategy for Autism.


The Minister for Public Health launched the Scottish Strategy for Autism on 2 November 2011 and announced an investment of £13.4 million over 4 years to improve the lives of people with autism and their carers, and to build on improvements to autism services and access to these services. The 10 year Strategy, representing a collaboration between the Scottish Government and COSLA, has now reached the end of its Foundation stage (2 years).This report reflects progress so far.

The Strategy's Vision is that individuals on the autism spectrum are respected, accepted and valued by their communities and have confidence in services to treat them fairly so that they are able to have meaningful and satisfying lives.

Implementing the Strategy's 26 recommendations is key to achieving our vision. Some recommendations are about reviewing and consolidating existing practice whilst others are about improving practice. However, all are geared towards ensuring improving services and access to services for people on the autism spectrum.


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