Scottish Spending Review 2011 and Draft Budget 2012-13

Scottish Spending Review 2011 and Draft Budget 2012-13

Footnotes for Chapter 4 Capital and Infrastructure

[1] See Economic Policy Reforms: Going for Growth 2010, available at:, O'Mahoney, M., and de Boer, W., 2002, Britain's relative productivity performance: Has anything changed?, National Institute Economic Review, January, Kamps, C (2005), " Is there a lack of public capital in the European Union?"

[2] This is because governments generally borrow at lower rates of interest than commercial project lenders, and private lenders also factor in a risk premium and a profit margin when they set terms for financing a particular public infrastructure project.

[3] Figures for resource to capital transfer and NPD projects are based on current plans, and the profile may vary as projects are delivered.

[4] See recent reports from the House of Commons Treasury Select Committee at pa/cm201012/cmselect/cmtreasy/1146/114602.htm and the Public Accounts Committee on www.publications.

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