Scottish Sea Fisheries Employment 2015

Second Scottish Sea Fisheries report providing information on the structure of employment and key characteristics of Scotland's sea fishing fleet.


1 4,796 individuals/crew were working in fishing in 2014 in all sectors.

2 Aggregate with Scotland to give Scottish nationality

3 Reported as rest of UK (rUK) throughout the report

4 Number of years spent working on the same vessel

5 Full time would equate to working a 40 or more hour week, 20 days a month.

6 Part time would equate to working less than 40 hours a week (once totalled for the month) and/or working short days on a regular basis.

7 Source: ONS: Annual survey of hours and earning 2012

8 Engineers overall crew share is lower when calculated across all vessels because they are only employed on the larger vessels often for a smaller crew-share (large crews to divide crew-share between). When translated into monthly wage however, engineers take a higher wage than deckhands as demonstrated in Table 7. This is also the case for skippers, as the smaller (single handed) vessels influence the mean monthly earnings of skippers when calculated by all vessels. Sector calculations are a more accurate reflection for all positions.


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