Scottish Sea Fisheries Employment 2015

Second Scottish Sea Fisheries report providing information on the structure of employment and key characteristics of Scotland's sea fishing fleet.

Annex 2: Seafish Segments and Reported Clusters

High-level Groupings Mid-level Groupings SeaFish Segments
Pots and traps Pots and traps NS Low activity over 10m
Pots and traps WOS Pots and traps <10m Low activity under 10m
Pots and traps >10m Pots and traps 10-12m
Pots and traps over 12m
Under 10m demersal trawl/seine
Under 10m pots and traps
Demersal all other Demersal all other Miscellaneous
NSWOS demersal over 24m
NSWOS demersal pair trawl seine
NSWOS demersal seine

NSWOS demersal under 24m over 300kW
Demersal under 24m Demersal under 24m NSWOS demersal under 24m under 300kW
Nephrops Nephrops NS Low activity over 10m
Nephrops WOS Low activity under 10m
Nephrops <18m Miscellaneous
Nephrops >18m North Sea Nephrops over 300kW
North Sea Nephrops under 300kW
Under 10m demersal trawl/seine

Area VIIA Nephrops over 250kW
Area VIIBCDEFGHK trawlers 10-24m
WOS Nephrops over 250kW
WOS Nephrops under 250kW
Scallop Dredge Scallop Dredge UK scallop dredge over 15m
UK scallop dredge under 15m


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