Scottish salmon and sea trout fishery statistics 2022

Summary of the salmon and sea trout fishery catch statistics updated for the 2022 season.


This publication summarises the salmon and sea trout fishery statistics, based on returns from proprietors, occupiers and agents of fisheries throughout Scotland, for the 2022 fishing season. These data are derived from 1,979 forms returned from 2,163 forms issued (91% return rate). Catch for the previous 10 years is based on return rates of between 93% and 95% and is not corrected based on the return rate.

These statistics are part of a time series which began in 1952 and are collected and collated by Marine Scotland.

Collected data for the 2020 and 2021 seasons is impacted by the restrictions in place during the COVID-19 pandemic and this will have a bearing on the five-year averages.

Supplementary tables contain the data sources for the charts included in this publication.



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