Rural visa pilot proposal: September 2022

A pilot proposal document, developed by Scottish Government in collaboration with local authorities and business sector organisations, about a targeted migration solution for remote and rural areas of Scotland, to meet the discrete and specific needs of these communities and their local economies.

6. Scottish Government involvement in pilot delivery

Detailed parameters with regards to the role of the Scottish Government would need to be formally agreed after the pilot was approved to be taken forward. At this stage it is proposed that this involvement would take the form of an ‘interlocutor’ or point of liaison to facilitate the operationalisation of the scheme between relevant partners. It is anticipated this may include:

  • providing support with skills diagnostics for pilot areas to feed into the Strategic Skills Plan;
  • facilitating engagement and information sharing between communities, local authorities and the UK Government;
  • hosting the SRCIP online recruitment platforms on the Scottish Government Talent Attraction and Migration Service website to support recruitment;
  • actively liaising with the Home Office on behalf of local partners to ensure local communities’ needs are communicated;
  • providing additional support to reduce the administrative burden on partners (including employer sponsors).



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