Scottish referral guidelines for suspected cancer: quick reference guide

Scottish Referral Guidelines for Suspected Cancer is a quick reference guide for cancer referrals.

Urological Cancer

Urgent Referral

  • Frank or macroscopic haematuria in adults (exclude infection in females <35 yrs).
  • Microscopic haematuria with persistent irritative lower urinary tract symptoms.
  • Swellings in the body of the testes.
  • Palpable renal masses.
  • Solid renal masses found on imaging.
  • Clinically malignant prostate and/or bone pain ( PSA generally >20 in metastatic disease).
  • Elevated age specific PSA (<70 yrs >3, >70 yrs >5) if radical treatment appropriate. Local laboratory values may vary.
  • Any suspected penile cancer.

Non-urgent referrals

  • Elevated age specific PSA and radical or urgent treatment not indicated.
  • Microscopic haematuria (on 3 samples) without
    obvious cause (e.g. UTI, renal calculi).

Afro-Caribbean men have an increased risk of prostate cancer and men with a first degree relative with prostate cancer have double the risk.

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