Scottish Pubs Code Consultation 2: analysis report

Analysis report of the responses received by the Scottish Government to the second consultation on a Scottish Pubs Code for tied pubs.

Technical appendix


1. The data was collected by online survey designed and scripted by the Scottish Government and hosted on Citizen Space.

2. The consultation survey was open to all – customers, tied pub tenants, representative organisations and pub-owning businesses.

3. 30 valid responses were received via the online consultation.

4. The consultation was live from 17 March to 12 May 2022.

5. Respondents to internet self-completion surveys and consultations are self-selecting and complete the survey without the assistance of a trained interviewer. This means that the consultation is not representative of any particular group.

6. All research projects undertaken by Progressive comply fully with the requirements of ISO 20252, the GDPR and the MRS Code of Conduct.

Data processing and analysis

7. Raw data was imported into Progressive's SNAP analysis software package. Responses were checked for completeness and sense, and for campaign responses.

8. A computer edit of the data carried out prior to analysis involves both range and inter-field checks. Any further inconsistencies identified at this stage are investigated by reference back to the raw data on the questionnaire.

9. Responses to open-ended questions were spell and sense checked. There were too few to code and group into a codeframe, so they were read by a member of the executive team and key themes and quotes identified for each question.

10. A SNAP programme was set up with the aim of providing the client with useable and comprehensive dataset. Cross breaks were discussed with the client in order to ensure that all information needs are met.



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