Public sector pay policy 2021-2022: equalities impact assessment (superseded)

This was the original pay policy equalities impact assessment document as published on 28 January 2021. Following negotiations during the passage of the draft Budget Bill, a revised pay policy document was issued and the equalities impact assessment similarly revised.


1. The basic award increase or base pay increase is the inflation or cost of living element of the pay award.



4. The CPI, which is the UK Government's preferred measure for wage growth, was 0.5 per cent as at September 2020 (compared with 1.7 per cent in September 2019). The September CPI is the UK Government's reference point for taking decisions on inflationary uplifts for pensions and benefits.

5. Public sector employment in Scotland: statistics for third quarter 2020.

6. Annual Gross pay for all employee jobs, Scotland, 2019, Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings, Office of National Statistics.



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