Scottish procurement policy handbook

This handbook provides guidance on the rules and policies that apply to the procurement activities of public bodies in Scotland and highlights some key legal obligations.

23. Gateway review

Public bodies which are within scope of the Scottish Public Finance Manual are required to complete the Scottish Government risk potential assessment forms to determine the type of assurance support projects need. Those assessed as high risk should have Scottish Government Gateway Reviews. The Client Guide to Construction Projects includes guidance on Project Assurance at Chapter 13 of the Project Initiation Handbook.

Some sectors have specific requirements for evaluating and assuring the delivery of programmes and projects. This includes the Health sector which should follow the processes described in the NHS Scotland Scottish Capital Investments Manual.

Public bodies which are not subject to the Scottish Public Finance Manual should perform review or assurance processes at key decision stages in their projects, particularly those which are highly complex or are critical to delivery. These processes should be independent of project teams.



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