Scottish procurement: open contracting strategy

Strategy to enable us to publish information about our procurement exercises, ensuring greater transparency on how we spend public money.

Annex 2 - Data principles

To ensure the best possible use and understanding of the information we publish, the following information principles will be followed:

  • Information that is published should be of a high quality. We will seek to ensure that published information is comprehensive and accurate.
  • Published information should be accessible, and easy for others to find and to understand. Therefore, all information should be provided with accurate metadata. This provides an opportunity to enhance the value of the information and provide clarity on what the information is and what it is not, any limitations to the information and/or its use can also be included within the metadata. Where there are gaps in information we will clearly explain why.
  • The Open Data Strategy recommends publishing all information in a format of 3* or above (of the universally recognised 5* open data schema by Sir Tim Berners-Lee) by 2017.
  • A feedback mechanism should be created to allow continuous improvement
  • Information should be provided on an on-going basis and not as a onetime publication


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