Scottish Procurement Collaborative Newsletter: December 2018

Updates on collaborative framework contracts between September and December 2018.

1. National framework for the supply of electricity

The re-let of the National Framework Contract for the Supply of Electricity has been awarded to EDF Energy Customers Limited. Supply of electricity under the new contract will commence on 1 April 2019 and will run until 31 March 2021, with options for three yearly extensions until 31 March 2024.

Key benefits include:

  • expected cost avoidance savings of at least £9m per year including a reduction to management fees compared to the current contract; customers should note that overall electricity bills will not reduce due to increases to other billing elements such as UK Government levies and wholesale electricity costs
  • enhancements to the current billing content which will be trialled before supply begins under the new contract
  • guarantee that public bodies are able to access renewable electricity at a competitive cost and a route for public bodies to sell surplus electricity from their own generation.
  • a range of added value and energy efficiency services
  • a range of Community Benefits which include apprenticeship training programmes, engagement with SMEs and supported education and training schemes
  • continued benefit of Scottish Procurement’s flexible purchasing of wholesale power, which smooths out short to medium term market fluctuations

Next steps:

  • sites will be transferred automatically from the current contract, subject to the annual site validation exercise which will be undertaken by EDF Energy in November 2018. There is no requirement for customers to complete new agency agreements
  • Scottish Procurement will liaise with sector leads to engage with any public bodies who may be able to assist with the trial billing exercise
  • further information regarding the new contract will be issued in the coming months

Contact Scottish Procurement if you have any questions:

2. IT consumables framework second cost to serve review

Framework public bodies should now be aware that the second cost to serve (CtS) pricing review has been concluded between Scottish Procurement and Banner. The new eCatalogue is available on the Pecos Content Management (PCM) system and will be valid until 31 October 2019.

The outcome of these negotiations will see an overall increase in the value of the eCatalogue of 5.2% when compared to the equivalent products and volumes sold within the current catalogue. In order to minimise the number of order and invoice mismatches, organisations are asked to please upload/make the catalogues available as soon as possible. Organisations using either a punch-out site or Banner’s on-line site do not need to take any action. Banner has already updated this site. Organisations using the price list are asked to make their users aware of the price changes that will apply from 1 November 2018.

If you have any questions contact:
Darren Russell  on 0131 244 3645
Fraser Williamson  on  0141 242 0206

3. Dynamic Purchasing System for digital services

The Dynamic Purchasing System 1.0 (DPS) for Digital Services is coming to an end early 2019 to make way for DPS 2.0 for Digital Technology Services. This new agreement shall have similar scope and lot structure as DPS 1.0 covering digital technology projects, digital technology resources and cyber security services. 

The straightforward process to call off shall remain and continue to offer benefits in relation to access to a wide range of suppliers (particularly SMEs). DPS 2.0 is forecast to be established in January 2019. DPS 1.0 will close to new procurements when DPS 2.0 goes live but will remain open until all in-flight procurements are concluded.

4. Temporary and interim staff services framework

The following frameworks are due to expire on 13 April 2019

  • Temp Admin North Framework - Ref: SP-13-016
  • Temp Admin East Framework - Ref: SP-13-017
  • Temp Admin West Framework - Ref: SP-13-018
  • Temp Catering and Manual North Framework - Ref: SP-13-019
  • Temp Catering and Manual East Framework - Ref: SP-13-020
  • Temp Catering and Manual West Framework - Ref: SP-13-021
  • Interim Professional Staff Services Framework - Ref: SP-13-022
  • Interim IT Staff Services Framework - Ref: SP-13-023

Any call-off contracts placed prior to the framework expiry date will be valid and covered by existing framework terms, conditions and pricing. Call-off contracts placed after 13 April 2019 will not be covered by existing framework terms, conditions or pricing.

Scottish Procurement are currently undertaking procurements for the re-let of collaborative frameworks for the provision of temporary and interim staff services. Any framework public body with a requirement for temporary and/or interim staff services after 13 April 2019, should consider using the new framework agreements.

Full details for the new framework agreements (including detailed buyer’s guides) will be published via the Scottish Government Procurement webpages in due course.

If you have any questions contact:
David Bilton on 0131 244 3627
Lisa Pittman on 0141 242 5628.

5. Telephony Services Dynamic Purchasing System

Further to the article in the September newsletter regarding the establishment of our Telephony Services Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS), the ICT Networks team are delighted to confirm that there has already been a number of competitions and call-off contracts awarded through the DPS. 

This flexible route to market offers a wide range of telephony services across three lots; traditional telephony, Internet Protocol (IP) telephony and bundled services for all your telephony needs. 

Get more information on the dynamic purchasing system.

6. Network Advice Dynamic Purchasing System

The Scottish Procurement ICT networks team has recently established a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) for Network Advice. The arrangement went live on 22 November and is for an initial period of 12 months with a 12 month extension option.    

By using DPS as the route to market, Scottish Procurement has provided an innovative and flexible arrangement allowing Scottish public sector organisations access to a wide variety of vendor neutral network advice for organisations seeking to develop, enhance and secure their network infrastructure. 

Due to the wide and diverse nature of network advice, it is not possible to list all the types envisaged but some examples (non-exhaustive list) may include:

Network Security

Improved energy consumption and efficiency

Support of internet of things (IoT) network integration

Support of Unified Communication (UC) network integration

Audit and analysis of network services

Network infrastructure project management

Network upgrades

Support in the procurement of network services

Migration of existing network services

Advice on network solution and design and implementation of new network services

Support with network estates


See the buyers' guide for more information, as well as contact details for the ICT Networks team.

More than 60% of the suppliers are SMEs and all have committed to paying the real Living Wage.  

Find out more about the network advice dynamic purchasing system or contact Dawn Swan on 0141 242 5595.

7. Travel services relet

The two travel frameworks expire on 31 August 2019. SPCD are currently working on the relet activity and the first user intelligence group meeting will be held 10 December 2018. The Invitation to Tender is expected to issue early 2019.

Assistance from colleagues across the sectors will be sought to support a tender evaluation panel (TEP).

For further information contact:
Darren Russell
Fraser Williamson

8. Media planning and buying services relet

The two media planning and buying frameworks expire on 31 August 2019. The procurement strategy has been endorsed at sector level and SPCD are currently working closely with stakeholders on the ITT Documentation, and the Invitation to Tender is expected to issue January 2019.

For further information contact: 
Alastair Dougall
Paul Brydon

9. Publishing, print, design and associated services 2018

This category A framework was awarded to APS Group (Scotland) Ltd and commenced on 1 October 2018 with an expiry date of 30 September 2023 (with an option to extend for a further 24 months).

A formal launch event has been arranged for 24 January 2019 at APS Group (Scotland) Offices in Leith, a communication has been issued by APS advising how to register for the event.

For further information contact:
Neil Mactavish on 0141 242 5589
Martin Mooney on 0131 244 4437.

10. Print and associated services 2019

This category A aramework is currently out to tender with a return date of 10 December 2018 and will replace the existing frameworks which are due to expire on 31 March 2019.

The framework will be a multi supplier/multi-lot framework and assistance is being provided to SPCD from colleagues across all sectors through a tender evaluation panel (TEP) which is greatly appreciated.

For further information contact:
Neil Mactavish on 0141 242 5589
Martin Mooney 0131 244 4437

11. Client devices - Vpro

The current and previous core hardware specifications of desktop and laptop client device include Intel’s Vpro technology which can help you secure, manage and control your estate more. If you are not using this already purchased, in-built technology currently and would like to either explore or start using the technology, Intel would like to help.

To get connected to our Intel technology contact, get in touch with:
Sarah Hamilton
Karen Pow 

12. Brexit preparations

Withdrawal agreement

The Scottish Government has recently published its analysis of the proposed withdrawal agreement.

World Trade Organisation’s (WTA) Government Procurement Agreement (GPA)

The UK has now secured agreement in principle to its independent accession to the WTO GPA. There is still some work to do to finalise this agreement, but GPA accession would ensure that Scottish firms would be able to bid for public contracts in other GPA countries, including in the EU, on an equal basis, and that other countries’ firms would similarly continue to be owed equal treatment when bidding for Scottish public contracts.

Preparing changes to procurement legislation

We will be bringing forward amendments to Scottish procurement legislation to ensure that in the event of a “no-deal” exit from the EU, the legislation continues to function properly. These amendments will 'fix' any deficiencies which arise as a result of Brexit and remove any redundant or inappropriate EU references (requirements to send notices to OJEU, or to send reports to the Commission, for example). The intent, however, will be to ensure that as far as possible the basic make-up of a procurement procedure doesn’t change.

The UK Government will bring forward similar amendments to its legislation. Scottish Ministers have notified the Parliament of their intention to consent to the UK legislating in some minor areas of devolved responsibility relating to procurement – these are areas where Commission Decisions (relating to the exemption of certain activities from the Utilities Directive) and Implementing Regulations (relating to CPV codes and standard forms) currently have effect across the whole of the UK.

UK technical notice

The UK Government has published a series of ‘technical notices’ outlining preparations for a 'no-deal' exit. One of these notices referred to public procurement. It explained that in the event of a ‘no-deal’ exit from the EU, public bodies in the UK which are awarding contracts above the EU thresholds will no longer advertise these in the Official Journal of the EU (OJEU).

These contracts will instead need to be advertised in a new UK e-notification system. This is in order to meet the requirements of the WTO GPA, which the UK is hoping to become a signatory to in its own right by exit day. The requirement to publish notices in Public Contracts Scotland (PCS) will remain in place. Public bodies which currently rely on PCS to send notices to the OJEU will be able to continue to rely on PCS to send these notices to the new UK enotification service.

Operational readiness

An exercise looking at SG-led agreements to estimate the level of risk associated with each under different scenarios is complete, including a more detailed assessment of specific Brexit sensitive agreements. Some examples are; ICT products (potential tariff/non-tariff barriers and exchange rate sensitivities); electricity (Continental Interconnector and trading protocols); waste management and heat networks (labour availability).

These assessments will be revisited and updated as and when clarity as to the shape of EU Exit emerges. Consideration is currently being given to how best to address and mitigate the risks identified. These risks are being actively managed and customers will be alerted if service delivery or commercial implications are identified.

We have already held some initial discussions with key suppliers on possible Brexit implications and preparedness. This dialogue is with suppliers on key SG-led agreements to discuss their organisational Brexit contingency planning, and how they plan to ensure product and service continuity in relation to key SG agreements - particularly in the event of a no-deal Brexit. 

For major procurement projects that would straddle EU Exit Day if they continued to follow planned re-let timetables, we shall consider on a case-by-case basis whether it would be desirable to extend existing agreements for a period of time to avoid disruption and/or adverse commercial outcomes.

We are also engaging with sectoral procurement CoEs and UK Government commercial colleagues regarding the steps that they are taking in this area.

13. Digital procurement stakeholder engagement events

Following from the success and feedback of previous sessions, our collaborative ICT team will be hosting another set of stakeholder engagement events throughout the month of February 2019. These sessions are for Scottish public sector colleagues only. The meetups will be held in various locations across Scotland with dates and venues listed below:






5 February 2018


5 Atlantic Quay
150 Broomielaw
G2 8LU

9:30 am to 12:30 pm
1 pm to 4 pm

7 February 2018


Highland Council HQ
Glenurquhart Road

1 pm to 4 pm

19 February 2018


Saughton House
Broomhouse Drive
EH11 3XD

9:30 am to 12:30 pm
1 pm to 4 pm

27 February 2018


Woodhill House
Westburn Road
AB16 5GB

1 pm to 4 pm

28 February 2018


City Chambers
18 City Square

1 pm to 4 pm

These sessions are aimed at all users/buyers/ICT/digital colleagues who have an interest in the purchasing of digital technology products and services within the public sector, from those with little knowledge of Scottish Procurement’s buying arrangements to those that have used them extensively. All feedback will be welcomed.

The objectives of the sessions are:

  • to engage directly with customers on any general digital technology procurement issues
  • provide background to our collaborative agreements and benefits they offer
  • to identify any further collaborative opportunities and to discuss potential improvements to existing agreements
  • to demonstrate some of the hardware devices that are available through our  agreements  including desktop, laptops, Chromebooks, workstation, thin client and a selection of tablet devices

To reserve a space at one of our sessions listed, please register through Eventbrite and select your preferred slot. Spaces are limited to 20 people per session. If your preferred session appears full please contact in the first instance and your name will be placed onto a reserves list. 

If you have anything specific you would like demonstrated or questions you wish to ask in advance please contact We will do our best to accommodate all requests. 

14. Contract register

A full list of contracts let by Scottish Procurement can be found on our Contracts Register.  

Scottish Procurement collaborative newsletter December 2018
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