Planning Circular 6/2011: Compulsory purchase orders

Scottish Government policy on making compulsory purchase orders.

APPENDIX K: Check list of documents to send to Scottish Ministers

K1. When sending an order to Scottish Ministers for confirmation, the authority should include enough information and evidence to satisfy Ministers that it has followed the correct procedures. The authority should also send enough information to enable Ministers to weigh the public benefit in the authority's proposals against the interests of the people affected. The authority should send Ministers all documents, evidence and information that it considers relevant. In particular, the authority should include the following:

  • Two signed, sealed (if necessary) and dated copies (or certified true copies) of the order and Map(s).
  • The authority's statement of reasons (see paragraph 42 and Appendix D), and where appropriate any documents that it refers to
  • Certified copies of both newspaper advertisements of the making of the order, and information about the publication dates.
  • Certified copy of the notice of the making of the order
  • General Certificate in support of order submission (see Appendix H)
  • Protected assets and special category land certificate (see Appendix J)



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