Planning Circular 6/2011: Compulsory purchase orders

Scottish Government policy on making compulsory purchase orders.

APPENDIX H: General Certificate in support of order submission

H1. Scottish Ministers encourage the authority to complete this non statutory certificate and send it to Ministers with the order. An electronic version can be downloaded at .

[ insert name of the order]

I hereby certify that:

1. Notice of the making of the compulsory purchase order was duly served as follows:


Interest (owner, lessee, tenant, owner of benefited property, holder of personal real burden etc)

Method of serving


*If necessary, please supply additional information in a covering letter or the statement of reasons.

The time allowed for objections in each of the notices was not less than 21 days and the last date for them is/was [xxxx].

2. A copy of the order and of the map were deposited at [ insert place ] on [ insert date] and will remain/remained available for inspection until [ insert date]

[3*. A copy of the authority's statement of reasons for making the order has been sent to all persons referred to in section 1 above. ]

*delete if not applicable

Signed on behalf of the authority as follows:





Sealed (if appropriate)



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