Scottish National Investment Bank: consultation paper

This consultation paper will focus on the Bank’s objectives, purpose and governance, as well as its relationship with Ministers and stakeholders.

Annex C: Summary of Consultation Paper Questions

Question 1:

Are the proposed objectives and purposes for the Bank the most appropriate to deliver the Implementation Plan's recommendations, and to fulfil the Bank's potential contribution to increasing sustainable economic growth?

Question 2:

Do you have views on the statement of the Vision which has been set for the Bank, in paragraph 3.2?

Question 3:

Do you agree that the overall direction for the Bank should be set by Ministers through a Strategic Framework, including the setting of missions and performance objectives and a target rate of financial return?

Question 4:

Do you have any views and suggestions on the example of missions, outlined in paragraph 4.7 and what are these?

Question 5:

Do you agree that the Bank should identify and implement an Investment Strategy, along the lines suggested?

Question 6:

Are there any arrangements or requirements not already considered that would strengthen and enhance the Bank's ethical approach to investment, and what are these?

Question 7:

Do you agree with the principles approach that is proposed for the Bank, including publication of an Ethics Statement by the Board?

Question 8:

Is there a better option than the Public Limited Company model, and if so what is it and why?

Question 9:

Do you have views at this stage on the proposals for capitalisation of the Bank?

Question 10:

Do you have views on how the governance and classification of the Bank should evolve over time, and if so, what measures and protections should be included now to guide and inform a future change in governance and classification of the Bank?

Question 11:

Do you agree with the proposed approach to the Bank's governance and Board arrangements which will inform the Bill, the Articles of Association and a Strategic Framework document?

Question 12:

Do you have any comments on the need for the Bank to have Delegated Powers, in order to achieve the aim of it being operational and administratively independent?

Question 13:

Do you have views on whether and how an Advisory Group could provide advice to Ministers on the progress being made by the Bank?

Question 14:

Do you have views on the initial operating model and costs identified in the Implementation Plan and what are these?

Question 15:

Do you have views on any criteria for the approach to remuneration for senior and specialist roles in the Bank?

Question 16:

Do you have views on areas where the current approach to public sector pay would suit the needs of the Bank, are there other examples of variations in public pay policy that would be suitable for the Bank and any areas where some changes may be needed?


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