Scottish Ministerial Code: 2023 Edition

A code of conduct for members of the Scottish Government (the First Minister, Cabinet Secretaries and Law Officers) and junior Scottish Ministers.

Foreword by the First Minister

As First Minister I have promised to lead Scotland in the interests of all our people, and to work to earn and re-earn the respect and trust of the people of Scotland under new leadership. This can only be achieved if the people of Scotland have absolute confidence in me and in all of those serving in Government.

That is why I am pleased to issue this new edition of the Ministerial Code which sets the highest standards of propriety and transparency for Government Ministers. All Scottish Ministers, including myself, are bound by its terms and are committed to uphold the Principles of Public life, ensuring integrity, accountability and honesty at every level of leadership.

Over this Parliamentary term, the Scottish Parliament and Government will share our vision of how we will face the profound challenges of our times, while building a better future for everyone. This will mean taking some tough decisions to ensure that we support those in greatest need, and it is vital that we are guided in this mission by a clear set of principles.

I will lead by example in adhering to this Code and knowing it is an incredible privilege to serve the people of Scotland. I know that Ministers will do likewise.

Rt Hon Humza Yousaf MSP

First Minister of Scotland



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