Scottish maternal and infant nutrition survey 2017

Results from the 2017 Scottish Maternal and Infant Nutrition Survey. This first Scotland-only survey gathered data on maternal nutrition and infant feeding.


First and foremost, we would like to thank all of the women who took the time to participate in the 2017 Scottish Maternal and Infant Survey ( MINS).

We would also like to thank staff within NHS Scotland Maternity Services / Health Visiting Teams who helped to encourage women to take part and who distributed the survey packs for the antenatal survey.

Thanks also go to the MINS Implementation Group for their help and advice throughout the survey. Membership of this group is shown in Appendix A.

The 2017 Scottish Maternal and Infant Nutrition Survey was commissioned and directed by the Children and Families Directorate of the Scottish Government.

The day-to-day running of the research was undertaken by Information Services ( ISD Scotland), NHS National Services Scotland. ISD provided methodological advice and analytical services to the project. ISD also wrote the survey report and produced the associated outputs. The principal authors of the report were Fiona Lees, Sandra Robb and Laura Wood.

ScotCen Social Research undertook the cognitive testing, preparation of materials and fieldwork for the survey.

National Records of Scotland ( NRS) drew the sample for the two postnatal surveys, undertook death checks, and mailed survey packs out to women.

Approval to carry out this research was obtained from the Public Benefit and Privacy Panel for Health and Social Care, the NHS National Research Ethics Service and the NHS Research Management Service at each of the 14 territorial NHS Boards.

Images used in this publication were sourced from The Noun Project. A list of credits for the images used can be found in Appendix B.

Scottish Government Children and Families Directorate
ISD Scotland


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