Scottish land rights and responsibilities statement: consultation response report

Responses to consultation on draft Scottish land rights and responsibilities statement.

Annex A – Consultation version of the Scottish Land Rights and Responsibilities Statement Vision and Principles

Vision for a strong relationship between the people of Scotland and the land
of Scotland

The ownership, management and use of land and buildings in Scotland should contribute to the collective benefit of the people of Scotland. A fair, inclusive and productive system of land rights and responsibilities should deliver greater public benefits and promote economic, social and cultural rights.


1. The overall framework of land rights, responsibilities and associated public policies governing the ownership, management and use of land, should contribute to building a fairer society in Scotland and promote environmental sustainability, economic prosperity and social justice.

2. There should be an increasingly diverse and widely dispersed pattern of land ownership and tenure, which properly reflects national and local aspirations and needs.

3. More local communities should be given the opportunity to own buildings and land which contribute to their community's wellbeing and future development.

4. The holders of land rights should recognise their responsibilities to meet high standards of land ownership, management and use, acting as the stewards of Scotland's land resource for future generations.

5. Information on land should be publicly available, clear and detailed.

6. There should be wide community engagement in decisions about land.


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