Scottish Land Fund: evaluation

Independent evaluation of the Scottish Land Fund, commissioned by the Scottish Government and carried out by Mark Diffley. It reviews the operation of the fund and makes recommendations for the future.

Perceptions of the Scottish Land Fund Overall

Perceptions of the Scottish Land Fund were broadly positive, as shown in Figure 7 below, with the vast majority of community groups (92%) regarding the process overall as good. Overwhelmingly, almost all felt that the advice offered to submit their application (95%) and feedback received on applications (91%) was good. There is a slight drop off of support for the process when considering the transparency of the decision made about funding (83%), however this remains high.

Figure 7: Perceptions of the Scottish Land Fund Overall. Base: all (178)
This shows the overall perceptions of the Scottish land fund among respondents. Regarding ‘the advice offered to submit your application’, 78% thought this was ‘very good’ versus 16% who thought it was good. Regarding the process overall, 67% thought it was ‘very good’ while 24% thought it was ‘good’. On ‘the feedback received on your application’, 62% thought it was ‘very good’ versus 28% who thought it was ‘good’. Regarding ‘the transparency of decisions made’, 56% thought it was ‘very good’ while 27% thought it was ‘good’.

The broadly optimistic sentiments are continuous within the qualitative responses to the survey, reinforcing the positivity seen towards the process overall.

  • "The way the Fund operates is focused on getting the best out of those applying, and thus proactively promotes community ownership and the groups that put time and effort into this".
  • "I feel it is great, and a model for how these processes should be. There is a lot of detail needed but it is not disproportionate, and above all there is a degree of flexibility which is usually lacking in big funding or government processes."

Overall, the Scottish Land Fund is very well received, and the vast majority of applicants to the fund are supportive of the processes.



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