Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation 2016: introductory booklet

An update to the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation (SIMD).

Case Study: Frontline Fife

About Sinclairtown

Sinclairtown is a neighbourhood of Kirkcaldy on the Firth of Forth in Fife. The area has seen many improvements over the years and is a relatively quiet and peaceful place to live.

Frontline Fife Homelessness Services is a registered Scottish charity which works with communities and partners in this area and across Fife.

Their mission is to end homelessness through taking preventative action and by supporting those who are at risk or in need of a secure home to enable them to live independently.

Frontline Fife support many of their clients while in temporary accommodation. The majority of properties are shared tenancies owned by the local authority.

"Tenants who live in the flats are carefully assessed and have usually come from emergency homeless accommodation. Issues vary, but include relationship breakdowns, mental health and addiction issues. The flats are surrounded by a mix of private and local authority properties with a high number of owner occupied homes. There are a variety of local amenities within a 10 minute walk, including independent shops, pubs and cafés - there is even a beach within walking distance! Alternatively, Kirkcaldy town centre is only a 20 minute walk, and bus links into town and the surrounding areas are good."

Vikki (caseworker)

Many of the clients find that they can transform their lives with the appropriate support and that they look forward to "being at home". Often, as a part of their support, Frontline Fife helps them to build community links so they feel part of the community. This also helps to build community cohesion.

Ian said this about his experience while staying in supported temporary accommodation in the Sinclairtown area of Kirkcaldy:

"The area I live in now is very quiet and I'm not worried about being out and about in the area. Though I don't like going out in the dark. I was worried about going out where I lived before. I heard about Frontline Fife through a friend who had been helped by them. I was really stressed and didn't want to do anything. I have epilepsy.

"Since I moved into my new flat and have got help from Frontline Fife my stress levels are much lower and I now feel motivated. My worker is friendly and helpful, but not pushy. I'm not from this area, so I've found it really helpful to get support to find out what is going on in my community and I'm now looking to do some volunteer work."

Ian (client)

SIMD shows that the main issues in the area around Sinclairtown are unemployment and living on a low income.


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