Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation: 2009 General Report

Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation 2009: General Report

10. Housing Domain

10.1. The SIMD housing domain is intended to focus on the inadequacy of housing and to cover the suitability and physical condition of housing.

10.2. The housing domain contains indicators that are based on the proportion of the household population that experience overcrowding or are without central heating. Data from surveys such as the Scottish House Conditions Survey are not suitable for inclusion in the SIMD due to small sample sizes, and despite exploration of a number of housing related indicators nothing suitable for use in this domain has been found in administrative data sources. The domain, therefore includes indicators from the 2001 census and as such, the data have not been updated for SIMD 2009 and the domain remains the same as in SIMD 2004 and SIMD 2006. No analysis of the data is included here.

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