Scottish housing guide for people leaving the Armed Forces and ex-service personnel

Information about housing in Scotland and contacts of organisations who may be able to help armed forces and ex-service personnel obtain housing suitable for their needs.

1.5 Applying for social housing

If you decide to apply for social housing you will need to submit a housing application form to the local authority or housing association you want to rent from. You will be able to access this online from the local authority or housing association website or you can contact them directly for a copy. In some areas you will only have to submit one application for all social housing in that area while in others you will have to submit an application to each of your preferred landlords.

Waiting for a home to become available?

The system for allocating housing is based on the needs of the individual and their current circumstances. Some social landlords have specific policies that apply to Service leavers. However, these vary across Scotland and you should ask the landlord in the area you want to live in for advice about this.

The local authority or housing association will use the information you give on your application form to assess the level of priority they will give you, and you will be added to their housing list. The higher your priority for housing, the more likely you will be offered a home, but this will depend on the availability of housing in the area you want to live in.

If you will be leaving the Service in the near future you will be asked for your copy of your 'Certificate of Cessation of Entitlement to Occupy Service Accommodation' if you have one. This will allow the local authority or housing association to know the date you have to leave your Service and they will be able to offer advice on your application for social housing and other housing options.

You do not need to wait for a Notice to Vacate ( NTV) or the Certificate of Cessation of Entitlement to Occupy Service Accommodation before applying for a house.

Why can't I get a property straight away?

Even if you have priority for housing you may have to wait a long time for an offer of housing to be made. The time you have to wait will depend on the area you want to live in, and the type and size of property available.

Forward planning is key - submit your housing application as soon as possible and maintain contact with your local authority or housing association as they will be able to advise you of your current priority on their housing list and information on the other housing options available to you.

Housing supported by ex-Service charities?

There are a number of charities across Scotland that provide housing for ex-Service personnel and their families.

All of the ex-Service charities are members of Veterans Scotland. More details are available on the Veterans Scotland website.


If you can't find anywhere to stay?

If you have not been discharged yet, you should speak to a member of your unit's welfare team as soon as possible.

In Scotland, all homeless households or those threatened with homelessness (if you don't have anywhere to stay or your current accommodation is not suitable or you are at risk of losing it) are entitled to a minimum of temporary accommodation and free information and advice by local councils. If the council assesses you as being homeless through no fault of your own, they have a duty to provide you with settled accommodation. You may, however, be offered temporary accommodation before settled accommodation becomes available.

If you have been injured during your Service?

The type of support you need will depend on your individual circumstances, and your Regimental Career Management Officer (RCMO) or Unit Welfare Officer (UWO) should have provided you or your family with options before you were discharged about having your needs assessed.



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