Scottish Household Survey questionnaires

Information on the Scottish Household Survey questionnaire, including background information and links to the latest and backdated publications.

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The Scottish Household Survey (SHS) is a continuous survey based on a sample of the general population in private residences in Scotland. The survey started in 1999 and up to 2011 followed a fairly consistent survey design. From 2012 onwards, the survey was substantially redesigned to include elements of the Scottish House Condition Survey1 (SHCS) including the follow-up Physical Survey component. The survey is run through a consortium led by Ipsos MORI. Older questionnaires are available on the archived website.

Scottish household survey 2020: questionnaire

The 2020 questionnaire is available to download as a supporting document to the methodology report for the Scottish Household Survey 2020 telephone survey.


Scottish household survey 2019: questionnaire
Scottish household survey 2018: questionnaire
Scottish household survey 2017: questionnaire
Scottish household survey 2016: questionnaire

SHS survey questionnaire review 2018-21

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