Scottish House Condition Survey: 2021 Key Findings

Figures from the 2021 survey, including updated fuel poverty rates, energy efficiency ratings and data on external disrepair.

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[note 1]: All numbers are rounded to the nearest 1,000 and percentages are rounded  to the nearest whole number. Because of rounding, figures in tables and charts may not always add exactly.

[note 2]: Urban/rural categories are based on the 2020 Scottish Government Urban/Rural classification to be consistent with survey weighting as described in Section 7.9.3.

[note 3]: Gas grid coverage is determined on the basis of the distance of the dwelling from a low / medium / intermediate pressure gas distribution pipe. Based on the usual maximum distance for standard domestic connection (63 m), dwellings are classified as being “on” or “off” the grid.  This does not reflect whether the dwelling is actually connected to the grid. For 2021 an improvement has been introduced whereby a dwelling is classified as “on” the grid if a mains gas connection has been recorded in the physical survey. Further details on the method for estimating distance to the gas grid are available in section 7.8.4 of this report and in SHCS Methodology Notes.

[note 4]: Some tables in this report have cells with no data. When this is the case the cells are marked up with shorthand:

  • [low] indicates a value is less than 0.5% or 500 households
  • [w] indicates there are no sample cases
  • [c] indicates that the base sample is too small to report (below 30 cases) or the estimate represents 2 or fewer sampled households
  • [z] indicates that a value is unavailable as it is not applicable

These conventions are consistent with the guidance on using symbols and shorthand when publishing data tables on public sector websites.

[note 5]: Dwellings without loft spaces are excluded.

[note 6]: Dwellings built post-1983 are presumed insulated when built.

[note 7]: Based on the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation (SIMD) 2020.



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