Scottish Health Survey 2017: summary report

Key findings from the Scottish Health Survey 2017 report.

Chapter 1: General Health, Long-Term Conditions And Cardiovascular Diseases


  • In 2017, the proportion of adults reporting being in ‘good’ or ‘very good’ health decreased with age from 86% of those aged 16-24 to 52%


Prevalence of limiting long-term conditions was highest for those aged 75 and over and lowest for those aged 0-15


  • In 2016/2017, 30% of adults had hypertension.


  • Those living in less deprived areas were more likely to have attended CPR training than those in more deprived areas.
  • Attendance levels were higher among those living in the three least deprived areas (57-60%) than among those in the 2nd most deprived and most deprived areas (50% and 46% respectively).

Most common types of CPR training for adults:


  • In 2017 15% of adults had any CVD, 6% had doctor diagnosed diabetes, 19% had any CVD or diabetes, 5% had IHD, 3% had had a stroke and 7% had had a stroke or IHD, with no significant change since 2016.

Prevalence of cardiovascular conditions, diabetes, IHD and strokes continued to be higher in more deprived areas


  • In 2017, the most common reason for attending CPR training among those aged 16-24 was that it was part of their school/college/university work (43%).


Julie Landsberg

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