The Scottish Health Survey 2011 - volume 3: technical report

Annual Report of the Scottish Health Survey for 2011. Technical Report.

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References and notes (Chapter One)

1. Further information on the Scottish Health Survey review and recommendations adopted as a result of the review can be found on the Scottish Government SHeS website: <>

2. Scotland's Population 2011 - The Registrar General's Annual Review of Demographic Trends 157th edition, Edinburgh: Scottish Government, 2012. Available from: <>

3. A more detailed description of the key changes to the survey methodology in 2008 can be found in volume 2 of the 2008 SHeS report. Available from: <>

4. Scottish Index for Multiple Deprivation 2006: General Report <>

5. A dwelling unit is defined as a living space with its own front door - this can be either a street door or a door within a house or block of flats.

6. The SHeS 2008 questionnaire consultation recommendations report can be found at: </>

7. <>

8. The household reference person (HRP) is defined as the householder (a person in whose name the property is owned or rented) with the highest income. If there is more than one householder and they have equal income, then the household reference person is the eldest.

9. Source: National Records for Scotland (NRS)

10. Full details of the NS-SEC classification can be found at: <>

11. Goldthorpe, J.H. (1997) 'The 'Goldthorpe' class schema: some observations on conceptual and operational issues in relation to the ESRC review of government social classifications' in D. Rose and K. O'Reilly (eds). Constructing Classes: Towards a New Social Classification for the UK. Swindon: ESRC/ONS.

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13. <>


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