European Commission white paper on artificial intelligence: our response

Our response to the European Commission’s white paper on artificial intelligence, including its proposals for future regulation of AI products and services in the European Union.


The Scottish Government welcomes the publication of the European Commission's White Paper on Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the opportunity to comment.

The European Union's Strategic Agenda for 2020-2024: Scotland's Perspective[1], published in January 2020, sets out how Scotland sees the EU's priorities for the period ahead and explains why these are of vital importance to Scotland and how Scotland can contribute to their delivery.

We continue to seek to collaborate with the EU across a wide range of issues, including mutually beneficial research and trade and investment, reflecting our shared values and goals.

In recent years, we have made significant investments in data-driven innovation and AI, and we are currently working with people and organisations across our country to devise an AI strategy for Scotland.

We have strong ties with the EU in this area, through collaborative research, business partnerships and supply chains, and as trade partners. We recognise the importance of the policies outlined in this White Paper for Scotland - particularly for our businesses who provide AI-powered products and services to the EU. We also see an opportunity for these proposals to further strengthen our ties.

We hope that our response to the consultation will provide a useful perspective, and form the basis for continued dialogue with the EU in this area.



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