The Scottish Government Response to the 'Consultation on the Draft Statutory Guidance for Parts 4, 5 & 18 (Section 96) of the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014'

Government response to the analysis report of the responses to the guidance consultation, including an update on current work around engagement and implementation progress and next steps on the run up to commencement of the provisions in August 2016.

5 Development of Practice Materials

5.1 In response to the feedback from the consultation and to support the statutory guidance, practice materials are being developed in co-production with Community Planning Partnerships[3], professional sectors and third sector organisations. They will be available nationally and locally to support the statutory guidance. They include:

  • Provision of the Named Person service for key groups and during holiday periods
  • Child's Plan guidance and Order in relation to understanding 'targeted intervention' within existing assessment and planning processes, specifically - staged intervention and Additional Support for Learning, child protection, Looked After Children, Children's Hearings and Self-directed Support
  • Training and staff development materials with a focus on the role of the Named Person and the duty to support the Named Person service
  • Complaints process (formal consultation September-October) and local professional dispute resolution
  • Role of and links with the third sector.

5.2 The table at Annex A provides a summary of the current practice materials being developed in co-production with key strategic groups.


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