Scottish Government Response to 'Carers Legislation - Consultation on Proposals - January 2014'

On 22 January 2014 the Scottish Government launched 'Carers Legislation - Consultation on Proposals'. The consultation ran for 12 weeks and closed on 16 April 2014.

Chapter 4: Stages and transitions

Question 14 Should we issue statutory guidance on the Carer's Support Plan which will include guidance for those undertaking the Carer's Support Plan on managing stages of caring?

What we heard

The majority of respondents supported guidance on the Carer's Support Plan, including on managing stages of caring. They saw advantages such as helping to identify changing needs and allowing for responses to changes in circumstances. Guidance would help support the workforce to achieve consistent good practice across local authority areas.

The Scottish Government response

The consultation paper brought out the differences between stages of caring and transitions. It explained that stages relate to different stages experienced by cared-for people and carers such as the development of a new health condition in the cared-for person or the carer caring for more hours each week.

Transitions mean transition of service for cared-for people usually required because of the cared-for person's age (for example, when the cared-for person moves from being provided with children's services to adult's services).

Some changes to the stages of caring might require a review of the ACSP and YCS. We propose that the ACSP and YCS will contain information about the circumstances in which the plan is to be reviewed. We also propose regulations about the review of the ACSP and YCS.

Transitions involving a change in service for young people from children's services to adult services may also necessitate a review of the ACSP and YCS especially if the transition has an impact on the carer, which may be beneficial, neutral or detrimental.

We see merit too in issuing guidance on stages of caring and will include information on stages of caring in guidance on the ACSP and YCS.

Question 15 Should new carer's legislation provide for young carers to have a Carer's Support Plan if they seem likely to become an adult carer?

What we heard

A large majority of respondents favoured this proposal. It was stated that this would help to ease the difficulties of transition, that it would mean a more integrated approach to planning with all agencies working together to help the young carer, or that it could prevent potentially long delays in young carers being able to access appropriate support when they become an adult carer.

The Scottish Government response

This question was posed before we proposed the YCS for young carers. As stated previously, young carers on becoming adult carers will still have the YCS and the YCS will continue to have effect until he or she has an ACSP. This means that there will be no break in provision for young carers on becoming adult carers. The support set out in the YCS will continue to apply. However, if the support needs to be changed or updated to reflect new circumstances, then the young carer who is now an adult carer will be able to request an ACSP or will be offered one.


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