Pain Management Panel consultations: report

An independently produced report of consultations with the Scottish Government Pain Management Panel between August and September 2022. The membership consists of people with lived experience of chronic pain and will help shape the planning and delivery of our Framework for Pain Management Service

Annex 1: Additional detail on the prioritisation exercise

To better understand the breadth of ratings for each support form, the figures below show how each panellist rated each priority. Not all rows add to 16 because some panellists either had not received or did not rate each priority.

Figure A1: Usefulness of support – breakdown of panellist ratings (n=16)
Figure A2: Challenges or barriers – breakdown of panellist ratings (n=16)
Figure A3: Controlling chronic pain – breakdown of panellist ratings (n=16)
Figure A4: Person-centred care – breakdown of panellist ratings (n=16)



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