Jury research - engagement events: summary of discussions

Summary of discussions at jury research engagement events.


1 The work was due to be concluded in March 2020 but was unavoidably delayed by the immediate demands of the Covid-19 pandemic.

2 Although this was the general format of events there was some variation to reflect the expertise and experiences of the audiences – for example, the survivors session was facilitated by Rape Crisis Scotland rather than the Scottish Government and members of the judiciary did not receive a presentation.

3 https://speakoutsurvivors.co.uk/

4 Lord Bonomy’s Post Corroboration Safeguards Review set out recommendations, in the context of provisions in the Criminal Justice (Scotland) Bill which proposed the removal of the general requirement for corroboration in criminal cases, to consider what additional safeguards and changes to law and practice would be necessary to maintain a fair, effective and efficient system, to report, and to draft any legislation required to give effect to these changes - https://www.webarchive.org.uk/wayback/archive/3000/https://www.gov.scot/Resource/0047/00475400.pdf


Email: JuryResearch@gov.scot

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