Health and social care: winter overview 2021 to 2022

Outlines the range of actions we are taking to support our health and social sector care throughout the winter period.

Working in partnership across health and social care

This overview adopts a flexible approach, building on new ways of working and retaining the agility and mutual support which we used to respond to the challenge of COVID-19 earlier in the pandemic.

To ensure that a flexible and responsive approach is in place to optimise available capacity, we will continue to use local and national frameworks in our decision-making. Our health boards and social care organisations will ensure that, operating within national frameworks, they monitor what is happening and take local actions where they are needed. It is crucial that we maintain this whole system, agile approach to the mitigation of risks and maintaining of services.

Given the significant financial investment, the strategic priorities will be reviewed and monitored by Scottish Ministers and Officials on a regular basis. The Chief Operating Officer NHS Scotland (COO), supported by Directors, will report to Ministers on the progress being achieved in terms of the delivery of specific initiatives and impact of the work in addressing and ameliorating system pressures throughout the winter period.

It is important to note that this document outlines what has already been done, or is planned. We will continue to work closely with our NHS Boards and partners in response to this winter.

National Oversight

  • System Response Group
  • Resilience Meetings
  • Weekly NHS-SG Meetings
  • Social Care GOLD Command

Local Monitoring

  • Local Health Board Bronze, Silver, Gold Command
  • HSCP Bronze, Silver, Gold Command
  • Health Board and HSCP Local Resilience and Operational Plans



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