Energy networks vision summit

In Feb 2020, the Scottish Government hosted the Energy Networks Vision Summit aimed to help shape the future of Scotland’s electricity and gas networks, giving stakeholders the opportunity to discuss the issues addressed in the report ‘Scotland's electricity and and gas networks: 'Vision to 2030'.

Working together

Delivering whole system outcomes and benefits will require greater cooperation between the networks and a wide range of relevant stakeholders, as well as a spirit of innovation and collaboration. The transition to net zero will see many new technologies connecting to the gas and electricity networks – from electric vehicles and heat pumps through to hydrogen electrolysers and biomethane plants. This will require innovative approaches, bringing together previously separate parts of the energy system, and ensuring that we make the most of local opportunities in a 'whole system' way.

Attendees also discussed the importance of greater collaboration between local authorities and the private sector. This is an area where the Scottish Government could help by providing a forum for different stakeholders in different energy sectors to come together, and by setting clear guidance on how low carbon technologies can provide a pathway to net zero. Local authorities and network companies should come together in a more strategic way, which will allow the former to have a more central role in planning the energy system in their areas, including over the longer term.



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