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Scottish Government Communications Plan 2016-17

Published: 24 Oct 2016

Sets out the contribution that the Scottish Government Communications Division will make to help deliver the Programme for Government.

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17 page PDF

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Scottish Government Communications Plan 2016-17
04 Changing The Way We Work - The Future Of Communications

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04 Changing The Way We Work - The Future Of Communications

We strive to continually develop our people and improve our ways of working so that we are more efficient, effective and responsive.

More evidence-based and outcome-focused

Our work will focus on those areas where we know communications can deliver results. We will use research techniques to truly understand our audiences and their lives, what motivates them and what creates challenges for them so that we can reach them and engage with them in the most effective way. By rooting our communications strategies in audience insight they will have a much greater chance of success.

Setting clear SMART objectives and using meaningful evaluation methods will allow us to deliver and demonstrate impact and value.

We will pilot a new strategy for communicating with parents, which will see the Strategy & Insight Team working with other parts of the communications division and policy teams to join up messaging across a range of topics and speak to parents in a way that best meets their needs.

Greater collaboration

We will continue to develop more opportunities for collaboration across the public sector such as the Greener Scotland Group. This group, which includes heads of communications from key public sector partners, meets regularly to co-ordinate its work, maximise reach and reduce overlap.

We will work across the Scottish Government to ensure our messages on Europe and inclusive growth are coordinated and aligned.

The Scottish Communicators' Network with members from across the public and voluntary sectors will continue to offer the opportunity to exchange ideas and explore how we can work more closely to save time, money and effort.

Matching resources to priorities

An effective communications operation must be proactive and strategic but also able to respond effectively to emerging issues.

News Hubs are enabling us to ensure we have the right people in the right place at the right time. Work is also underway to streamline processes and significantly reduce news release output, placing a greater emphasis on broadcast coverage and creative digital content to reflect changes in how people consume and access news, and enable more direct engagement with our key audiences.

These changes, together with the creation of a Reactive News Hub, are allowing staff to focus on strategic planning and informed, effective, proactive communications work to support delivery of our key priorities.

Digital engagement

The Digital Communications Team is developing more efficient tools to encourage better engagement and effective online communications across the organisation. This is being supported through a mentoring scheme, staff training sessions, new guidance and developing the skills of directorate- based Engagement Managers.

The new website will improve the online experience for our audiences - ensuring the information they need is easy to find.

By moving all consultations online, we will continue to make the Scottish Government more open and accessible, save time and money and make it easier to collate, analyse and respond to consultations.

Measuring progress

Evaluation is the cornerstone of continuous improvement and development. Understanding what works and where we can have the most impact will allow us to deliver a more efficient and effective communications service.

This Communications Plan will assist our evaluation process by clearly outlining the priorities of our work for the period ahead, and requiring teams to set SMART objectives and business plans which are aligned to these priorities.

Evaluations will focus on the outcomes and impact of activity, with progress monitored throughout the year to inform and shape future communication.

We will continue to make the Scottish Government more open and accessible

Evaluation is the cornerstone of continuous improvement and development