Scottish Government procurement: annual report 2021 to 2022

Overview of Scottish Government procurement activity during financial year 2021 to 2022. It reflects our performance as a contracting authority and includes reference to some of the broader activities we undertake in leading and delivering procurement policy and capability.


1. The information on the Hub relates only to spend figures for suppliers that were classed as commercial organisations or as non-trade social care providers, and with whom individual public bodies have spent £1,000 or more in aggregate in that year.

2. The PSG is a collaborative group with representation from the Scottish Government and representative bodies for business and the third sector.

3. The PPG is the leadership group for public procurement across Scotland. It is made up of the heads of Procurement Centres of Expertise and senior Scottish Government procurement officials

4. Source: PCS: This is users and not unique, individual suppliers registered with PCS

5. Source: Public Contracts Scotland FY2021-22 Usage Report

*Suppliers registered on PCS with a Scottish-based business address, where address is known

**Suppliers registered on PCS with less than 250 employees where size is known and where address is known

***Suppliers registered on PCS with less than 250 employees where size is known

6. Source: Scottish Procurement Information Hub; Where size of business is known; excludes indirect expenditure with SMEs as part of the supply chain

7. Source: Scottish Government – Procurement Annual Reporting Dashboard

8. Source: Supplier Development Programme

9. Supporting documents – Scotland's National Strategy for Economic Transformation – (

10. Find a Tender is used to search and apply for high value contracts (usually above £118,000) in the UK's public and utilities sectors.

11. Source: Scottish Government National Collaborative Procurement ICT

12. This does not include national collaborative frameworks and contracts.



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