Scottish Fish Farm Production Survey 2013

The annual production survey of fish farms in Scotland for 2013 was carried out by Marine Scotland Science (MSS). This survey collates annual production data from Scottish fin fish farm sites operated by authorised aquaculture production businesses.


The Scottish aquaculture industry has continued to farm other species of fish during 2013. The production of brown trout, Salmo trutta, showed a small increase with the majority of the production being for the angling restocking market. The production of halibut, Hippoglossus hippoglossus, decreased and there was no production of Arctic charr, Salvelinus alpinus. There was production of cod, Gadus morhua, but this figure cannot be shown without revealing the production for an individual company. Several species of wrasse (Labridae) continued to be produced in 2013. The production of wrasse is targeted at the marine Atlantic salmon industry where they are used as a biological control for parasites.

Company, Site and Production Data

Table 40: Number of companies and sites producing other species in 2013, production of other species (tonnes) during 2010-2013 and estimated production in 2014

Species No. of companies No. of sites 2010 Production tonnage 2011 Production tonnage 2012 Production tonnage 2013 Production tonnage 2014 Production tonnage*
Arctic charr 0 0 1.5 1.5 0.2 0 0
Brown trout/ sea trout 15 17 53 61 42 44 55
Cod 1 1 0.7 0 0 t
Halibut 2 4 139 83 73 56 92
Wrasse spp 4 4 0 0 t 0.1 4

* Industry estimates based on stocks currently being on-grown.
t Production occurred but this cannot be shown without revealing the figure for an individual company.
∞ The estimated production for 2014 cannot be shown without revealing the figure for an individual company.


Table 41: Number of staff employed in farming other species during 2004-2013

Year Full-time Part-time Total
2004 61 18 79
2005 73 18 91
2006 92 17 109
2007 75 29 104
2008 80 44 124
2009 23 22 45
2010 19 24 43
2011 24 19 43
2012 25 21 46
2013 29 21 50

In 2013, the overall number of staff employed in the production of other species increased by four.

Ova Laid Down to Hatch

Table 42: Source of ova from other species laid down to hatch during 2013

Species Source of ova laid down to hatch (000's)
Own broodstock Other GB broodstock Foreign ova
Brown trout/sea trout 658 0 0
Halibut 0
Wrasse spp. 7,090 0 0

‡ Ova were laid down to hatch in both categories but these data cannot be shown without revealing the figures for an individual company.

Trade in Small Fish

Table 43: Trade in small fish of other species in 2013

Species Bought (000's) Sold (000's)
Halibut 44 ~
Brown trout/sea trout 69 40
Wrasse spp. ~ 16

~ These data cannot be shown without revealing the figures for individual companies.

There was also a small amount of production of: brook charr, Salvelinus fontinalis; carp, Cyprinus carpio; Dover sole, Solea solea; haddock, Melanogrammus aeglefinus; sea bass, Dicentrarchus labrax; sheepshead minnow, Cyprinodon variegatus variegatus; tiger trout, Salmo trutta cross salvelinus fontinalis; tilapia, Tilapia Spp; turbot, Psetta maxima and whiting, Merlangius merlangus. However, due to the small number of companies in production, it is not possible to summarise these data without revealing the production of individual companies.

Organic Production

Of the 26 sites recorded as producing other species in 2012, no organic production was reported.


There was one reported incident leading to an escape of 6,957 halibut from a site in 2013.


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