Scottish Fish Farm Production Survey 2011

The annual production survey of fish farms in Scotland for 2011 was carried out

by Marine Scotland Science (MSS). This survey collates annual production data from

Scottish fin fish farm sites operated by authorised aquaculture production businesses.



The tables below summarise the results from the 2011 fish farms annual production survey.

Rainbow Trout ( Oncorhynchus mykiss)

2010 2011
Total production (tonnes) 5,139 4,619
Production for the table (tonnes) 4,458 3,858
Production for restocking (tonnes) 681 761
Number of staff employed 129 118
Mean productivity (tonnes/person) 39.8 39.1
Number of ova laid down to hatch (millions) 15.1 15.1
Number of ova imported (millions) 14.6 14.7

In 2011, the production of rainbow trout decreased by 520 tonnes. Employment decreased by 11 staff and productivity per person decreased to 39.1 tonnes. The number of ova laid down to hatch remained the same and the number of ova imported increased by 0.1 million.

Other Species

(including Arctic charr, Salvelinus alpinus; brown trout, Salmo trutta; cod, Gadus morhua and halibut, Hippoglossus hippoglossus)

2010 2011
Total production (tonnes) 194 146
Number of staff employed (full-time) 19 24
(part-time) 24 19
Number of ova laid down to hatch (millions) 2.2 2.1
Number of ova imported (millions) 0 0

In 2011 the production of other species decreased by 48 tonnes on the 2010 total. Overall, employment remained the same in 2011. There was a small decrease in the number of ova laid down to hatch.

Number of Confirmed Escape Incidents from Fish Farms Notified to the Scottish Government

Species Number of reported incidents which could have led to an escape of farmed fish Number of reported incidents which did lead to an escape of farmed fish Number of fish escaped
Rainbow trout 0 5 12,820
Atlantic salmon (freshwater stages) 0 1 1,500
Atlantic salmon (seawater stages) 2 9 402,134
Other species 0 0 0

Atlantic salmon ( Salmo salar)


2010 2011
Number of ova produced (millions) 91.6 78.2
Number of ova laid down to hatch (millions) 69.6 64.6
Number of ova exported (millions) 0.8 0.8
Number of ova imported (millions) 28.7 39.3
Number of smolts produced (millions) 36.9 43.6
Number of smolts put to sea (millions) 38.5 42.7
Number of staff employed 289 293
Mean productivity (000's smolts/person) 127.6 148.9

The production of ova decreased by 13.4 million in 2011 and the number of ova laid down to hatch decreased by five million. Exports of ova remained the same while imports increased. The number of smolts produced increased by 6.7 million. The number of staff employed increased by four and mean productivity increased by 21.3 tonnes per person.

Production fish

2010 2011
Total production (tonnes) 154,164 158,018
Production of 0-year fish (tonnes) 268 307
Production of grilse (tonnes) 29,733 35,146
Production of pre-salmon (tonnes) 56,093 55,959
Production of salmon (tonnes) 68,070 66,606
Mean fish weight 0-year (kg) 2.1 2.8
Mean fish weight grilse (kg) 4.3 4.6
Mean fish weight pre-salmon (kg) 4.9 5.0
Mean fish weight salmon (kg) 5.0 4.8
Number of staff employed 1,064 1,013
Mean productivity tonnes/person 144.9 156.0

Production tonnage increased by 2.5% with an increase in mean harvest weight of 0-year fish, grilse and pre-salmon but a decrease in mean weight of salmon. Staff numbers decreased by 51. Mean productivity showed an increase of just over 11 tonnes per person.

Smolt survival (percentage harvested)

Survival (%) Years 0+1 Year 2 Total
2008 input year class 44.9 37.3 82.2
2009 input year class 47.6 35.7 83.3

Overall smolt survival increased by 1.1% compared with the 2008 year class.


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