Scottish expert advisory panel on the collaborative economy: report

The Scottish Expert Advisory Panel on the Collaborative Economy makes recommendations on how Scotland can position itself in the collaborative economy.


1. The individuals have participated in a personal capacity and any views expressed by them or in this report reflect the views of the panel as a group and do not necessarily represent the views of their organisation or any of their clients.

2. Evidence document

3. [1] The need to keep this information up to date is paramount; and might be best provided by the local or municipal government. For example, see here for the kind of clear tax info provided by the Australian Govt

4. For example the Scottish Government Consultation on Practical Fire Safety Guidance for Existing Premises with Sleeping Accommodation

5. Visit Scotland Scotland Visitor Survey 2015 and 2016

6. Frontline Consultants, Economic impact assessment of short-term lettings on the Scottish economy, June 2017


8. In the year to 1 March 2017. Now up to over one million per year.

9. Scottish Expert Advisory Panel on the Collaborative Economy 




13. It does not require that the property is let, merely available to let. This means a property need not actually be let out to be liable for non-domestic rates


15. Data correct as of March 2016


17. The Scottish Government published its responses on its consultation on the 'impact of modern technology' analysis is due but no date given



20. Taylor review cited The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development ( CIPD) report


22. PwC, "Assessing the size and presence of the collaborative economy in Europe", April 2016


24. The Scottish Crowdfunding report 2016



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