Scottish Exchange of Data: attendance, absence and exclusions

Information and documentation relating to the provision of data for the biennial Attendance, Absence and Exclusions data collection.

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Survey Background

The purpose of this collection is to obtain from schools, via the local authorities, accurate data on Attendance, Absence and Exclusions. The data will be used for monitoring and to inform policy-making.

Data will be collected from all local authority schools and mainstream grant-aided schools (but not grant-aided special schools) covering stages P1 to S6 and SP.

Attendance and Absence in Scottish Schools data is usually published in December each year and the publications can be found here on the Scottish Government website.

Important note: We only collect this data every 2 years, so the next collection will be in 2021, for the 2020/21 academic year.

Key Information

Nature of Exchange

Local Authority to Scottish Government


Individual children


2020/21 Academic Year

Submission to Scottish Government

19 August 2021 or 2 September 2021

Method of data submission

ProcXed or via SEEMIS

Data may be submitted via ProcXed. A user guide for ProcXed and a link to the login page can be found here.

Survey Documentation 2021 uplift

There are no proposed changes to data requirements for the 2021 Uplift. However, there will be further discussion with local authorities about validation, quality assurance tables and the submission deadline and agree possible improvements. If you have any specific questions please contact us at

AAE advice note: temporary to permanent exclusion recorded

AAE advice note: absence of temporary excluded pupils

AAE advice note: attendance of P1 pupils

AAE data specification 2021 uplift

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