Scottish economy statistics: quality assurance

Information about the quality assurance processes that underlie the Scottish Government's economic statistics.

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The Timeliness of statistical outputs is the length of time between the event or phenomenon they describe and their availability.

Punctuality is the time lag between the release date of data and the target date on which they were scheduled for release as announced in an official release calendar, laid down by the Regulations or previously agreed among partners.

OCEA publish outputs when they are ready. As most of the data used in the production of economic statistics are received from other government departments (Mainly ONS, HM Treasury and HMRC) there is often limited scope to produce outputs earlier.

Notable exceptions are: publication of the quarterly GDP estimates has been brought forward by a week; and, following the GERS review in 2008, the timetable of the annual GERS report was brought forward six months from December to June.

OCEA publish a timetable for future publications for the year ahead. 


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