Scottish Crown Estate strategic management plan: strategic environmental assessment - post adoption statement

This Post Adoption Statement concludes the Strategic Environmental Assessment process and sets out those ways in which the findings of the Strategic Environmental Assessment Environmental Report, and the views expressed by consultees have been taken into account.

3 Integration of Environmental Considerations into the Strategic Management Plan

3.1.1 This section explains how key environmental considerations were identified and how these were taken into account in the development of the final version of the Strategic Management Plan.

3.1.2 From the outset, the preparation of the environmental assessment helped to frontload environmental considerations into the draft Plan. Consultation with the SEA Consultation Authorities (HES, SEPA and SNH) assisted in highlighting key environmental issues for further consideration.

3.1.3 During the development of the draft plan, the Scottish Government policy and SEA teams worked closely together to draw on evidence on the potential key issues facing Crown Estate Scotland over the period of the plan, and the requirements of the Act, as a basis for developing the Plan’s vision and the economic, social and environmental objectives, priorities and policies.

3.1.4 These key issues, and the scope of the Plan’s vision, objectives, priorities and policies were then discussed with a broad range of internal and external stakeholders, as well as representatives from the SEA consultation authorities.

3.1.5 A Stakeholder Advisory Group was formed to feed into the development of the draft Plan. The group’s members represented a wide range of interests and expertise.



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