Scottish Crown Estate Act Commencement Project: Islands Communities Impact Assessment

An Islands Communities impact assessment relating to the commencement of the Scottish Crown Estate Act 2019.

4. Stage 4 – Decision

Does your policy/strategy/plan require an Island Communities Impact Assessment?

Subject to any proposal received in any transfer/delegation management request received in relation to the powers in the Scottish Crown Estate Act 2019, the full range of impact assessments may be required to be carried out in handling and preparing for a future transfer or delegation. A manager of an asset will also need to consider the impact on islands when preparing a management plan and carrying out functions in relation to assets in the islands.

Our assessment is an Islands Impact Assessment does not need to be carried out for this commencement project. The commencement project is a technical, enabling exercise only to bring the sections of the Act into effect which due to the nature of the SCE apply Scotland-wide.

Sign off of the Island Communities Impact Assessment template

Name: Mike Palmer

Job title: Deputy Director, Marine Scotland: Aquaculture, Crown Estate, Recreational Fisheries, EMFF and Europe



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