Scottish Crown Estate Act Commencement Project: Islands Communities Impact Assessment

An Islands Communities impact assessment relating to the commencement of the Scottish Crown Estate Act 2019.

3. What consultation have you had with the island communities on your policy/strategy/plan?

There has been a significant amount of discussion and consultation on the future management of the SCE, including:

  • A twelve-week public consultation on the long term framework for management of the Scottish Crown Estate in 2017;
  • Scottish Ministers have established the Stakeholder Advisory Group on Crown Estate which includes stakeholders from islands communities, COSLA, and Scottish Crown Estate tenants who are regularly informed on the commencement strategy;
  • The Scottish Parliament scrutinised the Act during its passage in 2018, including taking evidence from island stakeholders; and
  • Scottish Ministers have performed a twelve week public consultation on the Strategic Management Plan in 2019 which has included seeking views from island representatives.



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