Scottish Cosmetic Interventions Expert Group Report July 2015

Report on usage and numbers of cosmetic interventions being conducted in Scotland and recommendation on regulation of Independent Healthcare Providers.

Annex 1: Scottish Cosmetic Interventions Expert Group (SCIEG) & subgroups membership & declarations of interest


4. The remit of SCIEG will be as follows:

a. Formulate an outline of the current position in respect of the cosmetic interventions sector in Scotland;

b. Analyse the recommendations in the Keogh report for applicability and implementation in Scotland;

c. Produce recommendations based on its findings; and

d. Engage with all stakeholders throughout each stage of its work in this area.

5. SCIEG will report directly to the Chief Medical Officer.


6. The meetings will be chaired on behalf of the Scottish Government Health & Social Care Directorates ("SGHSCD") by Mr Andy Malyon, Chief Medical Officer Specialty Advisor.

Group Membership

7. The initial membership of SCIEG will consist of the following:

Mr Andy Malyon, Chair SGHSCD
Other clinical reps to be agreed at 1st meeting NHS
Chief Executive / COO NHS Board NHS
Representative from Local Government Trading Standards LA
Chief Inspector HIS
Medical Director NHS NES
Scottish Health Council nominee SHC
Dr Sara Davies CPH SGHSCD
Head of Quality Team SGHSCD
Professional Regulation SGHSCD
Education & Training SGHSCD
Capital and Facilities Policy SGHSCD
Primary Care Division SGHSCD
Business Lead, SG TBC

5. Declarations of interest

Andy Malyon stated he undertakes some private work related solely to breast surgery and that he had no involvement with the use of fillers or other non-surgical cosmetic interventions

SCIEG High Quality Care (HQC) subgroup


To make recommendations to SCIEG on high quality care of cosmetic interventions in Scotland


  • Define the procedures to be covered by the recommendations, with particular reference to non-surgical procedures, laser & Intense pulsed light (IPL)
  • Clarify the options noting that statutory legislation for service regulation is one option
  • Key workstreams:
    • Review whether there is just cause to regulate aspects of cosmetic surgery
    • Ensure the subgroup does not propose legislating for the sake of it.
    • Identify gaps in the current regulation,
    • Assess the risks around current legislation and then recommend appropriate action
  • Make recommendations to SCIEG for a framework to ensure safe access to appropriate services
  • Consider what is the role of inspection in this sector noting the caveat that HIS can only work within their legal powers as permitted under current legislation.
    • Consider which organisation(s) should perform inspections
  • Review the deliberations of the CSIC & their relevance to Scotland


  • Chair -Andy Malyon, Chair of SCIEG
    • Clinical: Plastic Surgeon; Dermatologist, Maxillo Facial; ENT; Opth; Cosmetic Nursing representative
    • Policy & legislative
    • Public partners (advised by Scottish Health Council)
    • Pharmacy representative
    • Cosmetic Nursing representative
    SG Surgery Senior Medical Officer
    • Secretariat - Sara Davies, plus Quality Team

Declarations of interest

Andy Malyon indicated that he undertakes some private work related to breast surgery but had no involvement with the use of fillers or other non-cosmetic interventions.

Awf Quaba indicated all his work is now as an independent plastic surgeon

Suzanne Armstrong indicated all her work is as an independent aesthetic nurse practitioner

Harry Moseley indicated that he undertakes some private work where he is the Clinic Director of Tayside Laser Clinic

Sanjay Rajpara indicated that he undertakes some private work where he is the Medical Director, of SK:N, Aberdeen

Natarajan Balaji indicated that he undertakes some private work which includes most aspects of rhinoplasty and nasal tip reconstructions.

Jeff Downie indicated that he undertakes some private work which includes all aspects of oral-facial surgery.

Iain Mackay indicated that he undertakes some private work on the use of lasers, dermal fillers and botox.

Terry O'Kelly indicated that he undertakes some private colorectal work.

SCIEG Informed and Empowered Public (IEP) subgroup


To make recommendations to SCIEG on improving the methods for informing and empowering the public on cosmetic interventions in Scotland.

Proposed tasks for the subgroup are:

  • Seek background information on the requirements of the consumer/patient group
  • Consider the available resources for members of public seeking information regarding cosmetic procedures
  • Consider how to increase awareness of these resources
  • Explore what additional resources are needed
  • To examine the (recently updated) advertising guidelines, their application and implementation
  • To explore the issues surrounding the possibility of 'benchmarking' existing sources of information.
  • Consider developments on indemnity
  • What sanctions are/should be available against individuals/organisations

Proposed Membership

  • Chair
  • Two providers ( &
  • Two lay representatives (older and younger age groups)
  • One regulatory/legislative adviser
  • One communications expert
  • One Clinician
  • Scottish Health Council representative
  • Trading Standards representative
  • Analytical Services adviser
  • Secretariat from SG

Declarations of interest

Dave McGill noted he is a Medical Director for S:kin and works occasionally for Transform.


Email: Quality Team

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